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Rob Libbey knows ligaments. This fundamental information was missing from my formal training and most likely yours too. This research backed text will help expand your perspective, enhance your practice and educate your patients.


In this informative text, you will discover knowledge and research documenting:

  • What ligaments are made up of, their Mechanoreceptors and locations
  • The different types of pain we experience
  • The Neuromatrix neural network
  • How the Biopsychosocial Model and Enactive Approach to pain affects your patients’ life and our understanding of chronic pain
  • The 7 Key Features of Referred Pain
  • Sclerotomes, are they real or just a figment of our imagination?
  • NEW Joint Neurological Innervation Charts along with 18 NEW images
  • Over 90 Ligament Pain Referral Pattern images and descriptions for the Spine and Extremities

Ligament Pain Referral Patterns, Robert Libbey RMT

    • Detailed chart documenting all 456 joints in the Adult Skeleton pg. IX
    • Understanding the Neuromatrix neural network pg. 4
    • The different types of pain pg. 4
    • Neurophysiological Model of Referred Pain pg. 5
    • The Seven Key Features of Referred Pain pg. 5
    • The journey of the pain sensation pg. 6
    • Understanding the Biopsychosocial Model and how it affects your patients’ life, but also our understanding of chronic pain pg. 11
    • Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale pg. 13
    • Enactive Approach to pain, The “5E” model and alternative big-picture framework pg. 13
    • What are ligaments made of? pg. 18
    • How the Ligamentomuscular Reflex contributes to joint stability pg. 19
    • Mechanoreceptors and their locations pg. 20
    • How can ligaments get injured? pg. 23
    • What are the consequences of ligament laxitypg. 24
    • Pathology of pain perception following ligament laxity pg. 26
    • Sclerotomes Fact or Fiction? pg. 33
    • Downloadable PDF for your patients pg. 210
    • Each Chapter for the Spine and Extremities contains detailed Neurological Joint Innervation Charts
    • 18 NEW Joint Neurological Innervation images
    • Over 90 Ligament Pain Referral Pattern images and descriptions for the Spine and Extremities pg.39-207
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