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What is the difference between the Get A Grip Deep Tissue Body Butter and Total Meltdown Professional Bodywork Butter? Get A Grip. Total Meltdown. No I am not describing my life with teenagers. Although there are some deep truths in there. Subconscious naming of my butters? Maybe... 

Get A Grip - as its name infers - is a thick, tacky body butter that allows you to "grip" the tissues under the skin. The tackiness (also known as grip-tatude!) slows your work down, allowing you to palpate more thoroughly and sink deeper and isolate the muscle tissue from the connective tissue. Which, on a deeper level, allows you to understand the layers of dysfunction where the tension really is. All of this friction and grip-tatude allows your client to breathe and let go, which allows you to create a profound change... which releases endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Which, as you might already know, results in happiness

Total Meltdown. What can I say? This whipped-to-perfection professional body butter melts the moment you start using it. (And in a hot car. So don't leave it in a hot car.) Much lighter than its counterpart Grip, it is silkier and provides much more glide, allowing you to connect your strokes which allows you to flow from one technique into the next which allows you to get into a rhythm that allows your client to feel more as a "connected one" as opposed to a "conglomeration of isolated parts struggling to not battle each other with every movement of every day". This, of course, releases endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, creating happiness. Again. 
Also, Total Meltdown is great for clients with excessive body hair.
Also, Melt does have a little grip in it. If you want totally slippery slip-tatude use oil.
Also I have been told that Melt is a great salve for newly tattooed body parts.

Learn more about Grip vs Melt Butters.

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