What is normal anyway?

So... all this (fill in the type of pain here) in my (fill in an area of the body) that is giving me a (fill in the symptom here) and making my (fill in a limb or extremity) go numb... Is that normal? I get this question a lot. Which makes me feel a little confused because I am in no way an expert on normal. I would argue the opposite actually. And I'm thinking many of you feel similarly. Normal is a very funny word that seems to hold a lot of weight but means absolutely nothing. I mean, there is no normal. Right? At least this is my answer whenever a client asks this question. But as much as we might know that on some level, it doesn't cease to get lost in the fog that is life. Right? Like

The Science of Flowers... I Mean Massage

If you talk to me or anyone who knows me and has heard me vomit factoids about what pain is, why people are constantly in pain, and how massage therapists are the answer to everything - I mean really, if everyone got more massages the world would be a better place. Could you imagine what would happen if Kim Jong-un got his muscles massaged instead of his ego? - then you know how sciencey I can get. I love to science people. I love to figure out the how's and why's of musculoskeletal function and dysfunction. And then I love to blather on about what the ef is really happening under your skin. But the truth of the matter is, a good massage does things that we can't even begin to explain. A rea

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