Road Rage Against The Machine

The job of a massage therapist is never done. Like today... I was driving on the freeway. And let me mention that I live in So Cal so driving on the freeway doesn't just mean getting from point A to point B in the car on a road. Driving on the freeway means competition. Sometimes in the nastiest, cruelest form. Getting behind the wheel down here in LALA land means competing with every other car on the freeway for the best position and then, inevitably, vying to win the race. And by race we all know I'm talking about the rat race. Because not only is it incredibly important to be in the lead on the road, but to do it with the most expensive, coolest, most trendy car. That being said, road rag

What your massage therapist thinks about while working on you

Am I judging you while I work on you? I might be. The reality is that I honestly do think about muscles and joints and whether or not I am feeling any knots or tension. But there are times, admittedly, that my mind wanders and it's a curious thought vortex that happens in this space. The massage therapy room is set up to do exactly that. Create a vortex where all your stresses and anxieties melt away and the only thing you focus on is the relief, the music, and the peculiar mixture of aromatherapy oils your therapist has chosen depending on his or her mood. The problem is, sometimes I get caught up in my own bubble of floatiness and I actually let go. It can feel like those lucid dreams wher


After 15 years of being a massage therapist, I have finally, FINALLY, decided to branch out and expand my massage therapy-ness. If you are reading this, you are not too close, you are actually inside of my career/my website/my head. And this blog is only part of how I am expanding. The other parts include recording myself massaging and posting that on YouTube, connecting parents to that part of their brain that really does know what's best for their kids as opposed to some doctor who takes 20 seconds to figure out what's wrong, and, finally, making my own massage lotions. And the craziest thing started happening to me as I ventured into this last arena. I imploded. Not literally, of course.

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